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what is nia

NIA is a holistic movement concept, that combines elements of dance, martial arts and relaxation techniques. The dancing movements are fast and powerfull, but also soft and smooth, in balance with your Body, Mind and Spirit.


NIA is unique and a perfect training for everybody who wants to stimulate body and mental health at the same time. You will gain more vitality and joy of life.


NIA flows like Tai Chi, boosts concentration like Yoga, is fun like Jazz Dance and powerfull like Tae Kwon Do.


NIA combines 9 movement forms


Dance Arts

Jazz-Dance / Modern-Dance / Duncan-Dance


Martial Arts

Tai Chi / Tae Kwan Do / Aikido


Healing Arts

Yoga / Feldenkreis / Alexander-Technique




With NIA, many different types of movements can be experienced, so that the body finds a good balance between strength and beauty. Each workout brings mindfulness to your dance movements. It combines fixed choreographies and short freedance units, it is a combination of Ying and Yang. After a workout, you feel energized, mentally clear and emotionally balanced.

NIA is practiced barefoot, no previous knowledge is necessary. NIA is for every age and body. The intensity of the movements adapts to individual needs.



nia and i

Since childhood, dancing has fascinated me. Jazz- and Modern Dance, Ballroom Dancing and also Tap Dancing have accompanied me through life earlier. In 2004 I discovered NIA for the first time and I immediately fell in love with it. The simplicity of the flowing movements and the joy of movement were so fascinating to me. Since then I keep dancing NIA regularly and passionately.


In 2013 I took the WHITE BELT Intensive Training with Ann Christiansen, followed by the GREEN BELT Teacher Training in autumn 2017 and BLUE BELT in March 2018, also with Ann. In addition I train NIA 1-2 times a week and participate continuously in various Workshops. In Januar 2018 I started to teach one lessons a week and cover other teachers as well. Today I teach several lessons a week and I also participate in Team-Teaching-Events, not only in Switzerland but also abroad. Besides my regular lessons I organize special events like "NIA & Mediation" or "NIA & Laughter Yoga". Since 2023 there are also NIA-weekends, organized by me and my NIA-friend. 


A personal highlight was the NIA EVOLUTION Event with Debbie Rosas in Hamburg in October 2019. Debbie is from Portland/USA and the founder of NIA. It was unique for me to dance with her and to feel her spirit in person.


NIA just makes me feel good. Taking a NIA class after a hard working day, I have an increased feeling of relaxation and inner balance. But it also makes me sweat. I feel more enjoyment of life and of moving. Dancing, sweating and laughing – this and much more is NIA for me.


My NIA-education

01.2013    WHITE BELT with Ann Christiansen, St. Gallen

09.2017    GREEN BELT with Ann Christiansen, St. Gallen

03.2018    BLUE BELT with Ann Christiansen, Hamburg

07.2018    52 Moves Intervall Training with Ann Christiansen, St. Gallen

10.2019    NIA Evolution with Debbie Rosas (NIA-Founder), Hamburg

07.2020    Moving to heal with Casey Bernstein, New York (online)

11.2020    NIA 5 stages with Laurie Bass, Portland (online)

12.2020    NIA Freedance with Adelle Brownlee Brewer und Joanie Brooks, San Antonio (online)

04.2021    WHITE BELT re-take with Martha Randall, Toronto (online)

12.2021    BLUE BELT brush-up with Britta von Tagen, Illinois (online)

12.2021    BROWN BELT with Helen Terry, Texas (online)

05.2022    Wisdom Summit with Debbie Rosas, Portland (online)

What is NIA with eveline





NEW from May 7th, 2024


Tuesday, 08.45 - 09.45h


Matchless Dance & Arts

Bösch 104, 6331 Hünenberg




Wednesday, 19.00 - 20.00h


Physiotherapie de Vries

Birkenmatt 10

6343 Rotkreuz




Costs from February 1st, 2023 on:

CHF 250   10x (valid for 14 weeks)

CHF 450   20x (valid for 26 weeks)

CHF   75   3x trial (valid for 5 weeks) 

CHF   30   1 single lesson

free of charge first trial lesson



Trial lesson and start any time possible.

Registration requested.

Lessons also in English / French / Italian possible.

Insurance is the responsibility of each participant. 



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Health insurance accepted

NIA with Eveline is a member of the Tanzvereinigung Schweiz and therefore accepted by most Swiss Health Insurances.


General Terms and Conditions NIAeveline (valid from February 1st, 2023)

  • It is possible to join an ongoing course at any time.
  • The course fee has to be paid before the course starts.
  • Lessons can be made up in advance or later within the current subscription.
  • If lessons cannot be attended due to illness or accident, they will only be credited with a medical certificate (or the subscription will be extended accordingly).
  • In case of non-attendance without notice, the lesson will be deducted from the subscription without notification.
  • Holidays, vacations or the cancellation of a lesson by NIAeveline will be extended accordingly in the subscription.
  • Insurance (accident, liability and theft) is the responsibility of the course participants.
  • Health problems are to be communicated to the course management in advance.
  • With the purchase of a subscription, these conditions are tacitly accepted.



Eveline Cornacchia-Zimmermann

certified NIA-teacher

+41 76 569 03 08  

CH-6331 Hünenberg



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